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How can I play FlatOut 1 online?

How to host an online game?

How to join an online game?

How to join a game with FlatOutNet?

1. Launch FlatOutNet and click 'Refresh game list'.
If there are any online games, they should appear to Available games list at right.

2. Choose the server you want to join, insert password if needed and click 'Join'.

3. Game starts, choose your profile and then, if lucky, you are in server lobby, ready to race.

There may be several reasons, why you can't join some servers:
* Race is currently on, so you have to keep waiting, until they are finished.
* Server is password protected or you entered wrong password.
* Person who hosts doesn't have ports forwarded correctly.
* Host's IP is 192.168.*.*, 10.*.*.* or 5.*.*.* which means it's not accessible over Internet.
* Host has different version of game.