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How can I play FlatOut 1 online?

How to host an online game?

How to join an online game?

How to host a game with FlatOutNet?

1. For hosting a game, you have to open and forward ports 23756 and 23757. If you don't know how, you can get help frome here.

In case your ISP doesn't allow opening ports, you can use something like Hamachi to host a game. Click here to see how.

2. Open FlatOutNet, enter server Description (and password, if you want private server). When that's done, click 'Host'.

3. Game opens, choose your profile, then game settings and after that you are in lobby, waiting for people to join your server.

There may be several reasons, why people can't join your server:
* Ports aren't opened or properly forwarded to your computer.
* Check your firewall and antivirus settings, if you use one.
* You might be using different version of game than others. Go to Downloads section to get correct version.