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FOv2Plus AIO (All-in-One) 1.4

Size: 5.93 MB

This installer includes all that is needed to make your FlatOut
ready for online racing.


AIO package includes

FOv2Plus 1.4


Probably most popular mod for FO1 these days. This one keeps your game close to original, yet including many new features and improvements over FOv2.

Size: 2.14 MB


FlatOutNet 1.31

Game browser

FlatOutNet is an online game browser for Flatout. With FlatOutNet you can easily host or join games over Internet.

Size: 515.37 KB



EU v1.1

Most commonly used version. With this one you are able to join most servers. You need it when you have US version installed. Replace original flatout.exe with this one.

Size: 3.19 MB


About FOv2Plus

  • All FOv2 features (except custom cars!)
  • Extra 19 reversed tracks in multiplayer mode
  • Fixed improper finish lines and some startpoints
  • Improved autojoiner and rejoining after dropout
  • Integrated foConnect - join/host through web browser
  • Corrected several slightly misaligned graphical elements
  • Returned one car camera from original FO
  • Returned original career mode
  • No intro movie

Other downloads



foConnect allows you to join and host from any Internet browser. It also works with Steam version of Flatout.

To install, right click and "Run as administrator"!

Size: 172.56 KB


FOv2Plus 1.4

GOG.com version

You need this if you got your Flatout from GOG.com

Size: 4.00 MB