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About Flatout

FlatOut is a high-octane, merciless racing game where ruthless drivers wreck their cheap banged-up cars and demolish the abandoned racing tracks while battling it out for the victory!

Up to eight cars start off side-by-side and any driver can come into (and if lucky, out of) the critical first turn as the head of pack. As the track then quickly narrows down the race can easily turn into a very busy wrecking site. This leaves the player with two options: either to give in to the road rage or to attempt surviving the clash without taking too much damage.

FlatOut introduces a whole new level of realism in driving games - a culmination of environment dynamics, driver ragdoll, car and environment damage systems and convincing driving feel. FlatOut is an injection of pure adrenaline for the whole racing genre!

Playing Online

Though FlatOut does not have an interface for network gaming, it is made possible through a third party program called FlatOutNet.

Important: To be able to play all tracks and have all options, be sure that you have downloaded and installed FOv2Plus. It is also available in download section.

Available Games

To be able to join or host through browser, you need to have foConnect installed.
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